Wednesday, April 28, 2010


My hatred for the velociraptor of a rooster that my family has is growing stronger every day. One would think that with living at site for over six months now that I would be use to the crowing, but I'm not. It still wakes me up. I can usually sleep through the mosque, unless they're all going off at the same time/ having a drum party, my dad revving the engine of his truck, and the six month old twins in the compound next door. I've even gotten used to the suicidal sheep who I swear tries to kill himself my ramming his head into the metal water trough which then hits the concrete wall. All of these other things are fine, but eh velociraptor rooster is another story. 1. I'm terrified of this thing. It is huge. 2. Do you think I could take out it's voice box without killing it? Regardless, I was woken up at about 5:30am by the rooster which isn't the best way to start the morning.

I made my way to Dioss' after reading the French Wikipedia article on Excel. Last time we were supposed to work on accounting I became exceedingly frustrated when I typed the addition equations into the Excel cells and it didn't compute. Yeah, when using French Excel it helps to know the French commands. Since I was prepared this time, Dioss obviously had other ideas. He's still all about his website and we only have a few more people to visit so Dios, one of his friends who I really like, and I jumped in a cab and went around Thies to three different artists' homes. Some new pictures are up of the art we saw today.

Again, nothing much happened this afternoon. Khady made lunch so it was delicious, but at a time when one couldn't really call it a lunch so much as an early dinner. Deenba and I also made some lemonade so that was pretty cool.

1. Where do people go to have appliances/ cars repaired if they don't go to the technical high school?

There are various repair shops all over just like at home. There is an entire road of car mechanics in Thies, which is surprising since no one takes their cars to be repaired until they have actually died. The high school just has a problem with marketing, they have none, so hopefully with a little publicity we can drum up some business.

2. Is there solar power in Senegal?

Yes, there is solar power in Senegal. Tamar's island actually only has solar power. That being said solar panels are usually donated by NGOs, they aren't super powerful, and the average family definitely does not have them.

Pick-Up Line of the Day:
After attempting to ignore this man approximately my age on my way home he asks if I want to know his name, so I ask him.

Man: My name is Muhammad, like the Prophet. Isn't that impressive?
Me: Blank stare.
Man: Can I have your phone number?
Me: I'm calling my husband now. Sorry. (walk away)

This might only be funny to women who live here.


  1. Maybe a meteor will crash into your compound and cause a velociraptor/rooster extinction ha ha1

  2. Is there a way we can get to Dioss' Facebook page?

  3. Want me to send you my freshman year paper about birds evolving from dinos? i feel like that would likely solve all your problems.


  4. Nope pretty sure that's universally hilarious. The fake boyfriend/husband reference is amazingly effective for getting rid of creepers of all stripes... I employ it often

  5. ALYSSA, cut that roosters head off and have him for lunch!

  6. i love when you talk about how you fend off the creepy guys in africa, it reminds me of your saucy tactics against mbas at ricks... before you tell them you're calling your husband you should probably demand a round of soco lime shots :)