Friday, April 16, 2010


Today was a pretty good day. My friends at the post office helped me out a lot, the weather has been absolutely beautiful, and I had chicken dibi for dinner. Bliss.

Emily and I had planned to take Hannah, the refugee (as we like to call them) volunteer from Benin out to the Catholic bar and then to the holy location that is chicken dibi. While Emily and I are a great time just by ourselves, Erin was in Thies for the day, Jackie came, and there is a PCV who completed his service in Niger and is traveling around West Africa for a couple of months. I'm sure it was a good time had by all (girls), the PCV from Niger might have felt slightly out numbered as the only guy, but really when chicken dibi is involved no one can really be too upset. After chicken dibi we went to another restaurant/ bar to talk for a while and as I was walking to the bathroom I heard my name. I whirled around ready to tell off some man who randomly knew my name when I realized it was my sister Khady! I was totally floored we were at the same restaurant and asked her what she was doing at Big Faim. She told me she was picking up 7 sandwiches for her and her friends aka she's super cool. I will admit that I did feel pretty lame since I was wearing an unbelievably stretched out GAP t-shirt and khaki Northface capris (my PCV uniform) while Khady was decked out in Senegalese finery with her make-up (I don't even remember what this is) and hair done to "perfection." The interaction was awkward/ hilarious to say the least. Luckily she was gone after I had gone to the bathroom. She obviously didn't want me to tag along with her and her friends!

I came home fairly late, for me, tonight after being out and going to dinner with everyone to find Jeenaba alone in the living room. I complemented her on new outfit she was wearing and asked her if Khady was home yet. She said no and asked me why I was interested in Khady. I told her that I saw Khady at a restaurant. Jeenaba turns to be and says "great, congratulations," I almost died. It was just so Jeenaba. So dry and witty and quasi mean. It was the perfect end to the night. I really can always count on the women in my family to put me in my place and give me a good laugh.

Until tomorrow...

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  1. Ok Jeenaba has to be taking "dry, cynical" lessons from you! That sounds exactly like something you would say:D She could learn the salty expansion of congratulations though.