Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jackie's Birthday

Everyone converged on Dakar this weekend to celebrate the momentous occasion of Jackie's birth and have to say that th occasion did not disappoint. After taking care of some business at the office and indulging in a delicious sushi lunch on Friday afternoon we got to the work of toasting Jackie's birthday Friday night. First off was triva night at te American club whih is really fun although I have to admit that our team put up an embarassing perforance. Definitely not my best trivia apperance, but I had a couple of drinks, a chiken wrap, and it was with good company so I really can't complain about it too much. After trivia the party moved downtown to a bar and then on to a third year PCV's apartment; it was a really fun night.

Most of the time, a fun night does not translate into a fun day after which was definitely the case in this situation. Luckily, my personal goal for Saturday was watching movies, sleeping, and making fajitas all of which came to fruition so I would call the day a great success. We made really, really good fajitas which came together at the last second when Katherine magically found tortillas at a random grocery store. We were missing chips and guac, but we had salsa and jalapeños so it was ok.

This morning I got up with Katherine and Jackie and we headed back to Thies for a meeting about the girls camp we're putting on with a bunch of other Dakar region volunteers. The meeting was shockingly successful and we came up with a bunch of good and exciting ideas.

Back at home Ahmed has yet to leave me alone since no one has played with him in the past couple of days. The good news is the weather has been absolutely beautiful so we sat outside playing with some cards and then I snuck into my room to decompress from the weekend and clean up a little bit. Now I'm waiting for my usual Sunday dinner of millet, milk, and sugar.

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