Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ah Sugar

Jackie came into Thies today which was a good treat. We did the usual rounds of toubab grocery store, bank, and lunch out at a restaurant. The only thing we were missing from our repertoire was paying our internet bills! It seemed like I hadn't seen Jackie in forever since I went to Rome and being back at site. It's weird how time can fly and crawl at the same time here...

When I came back home no one was around so I took that as a sign that I should go into my room and relax in peace. Suddenly my aunt comes pounding at my door with Ahmed and tells me that there's been a crisis and she's really upset. I ask what's going on and she says that I'm the only person home now, I have to stay with Ahmed, and that she's going to the hospital because big Ahmed has had some type of crisis. Since I have no idea what kind of crisis is occurring and she just keeps repeating that there's a crisis I'm fairly concerned. Ahmed is also fairly upset and wont tell me what's going on. What to do in this situation? Bust out the crayons.

Finally Deenba comes appears and tells me that Ahmed has had a diabetic crisis. I still don't really know what this means, but apparently he is OK now. My mom and Ahmed came back a little while later. Ahmed was walking and seemed OK, but my mom was obviously drained. I've been wondering how no one in my family has diabetes. They eat an unbelievable amount of sugar. My family has picked up on the fact that I can't handle sugar like they can so they always give me my juice or my millet/ yogurt combination before they sweeten it with a kilo or two of sugar. How did my mom unwind after the trip to the hospital? With three cups of tea... and she yelled at Deenba because it wasn't sweet enough.

Tonight's activities will include hiding from Khady because she's trying to make me go to what sounds like a block party with an exorbitant cover charge with her, waiting for dinner, and trying to figure out what tomorrow's Independence Day/ Easter festivities will be. We are having Moroccan couscous and chicken for dinner so whatever I'm in for can't really be that bad.

Ps. Happy Birthday Grandma!


  1. Alyssa,

    I know that you have a computer and could look up the score of the MSU game, don't bother, they lost but it was a good game other than the result. It will allow me to get extra sleep on Monday since I propbably will not stay up for the entire game anymore.


  2. Alyssa,

    I forgot to look at your new pictures that are up. There is some very good art. I couldn't tell however if you took a picture of Ahmed's picture among the group.