Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Eat, Eat, Eat, Sleep

I'm really, really full and exhausted right now and I had a really nice day. This morning I took Tamar and her mom to Dioss' gallery. Needless to say Dioss' business is booming because of all the Peace Corps parents and friends I'm bringing through. I feel like everyone feels at home when they go to Dioss' house and he's always so nice and informative about his art. He also made a big point of writing the receipt and promising that he was going to transfer the purchase information into his Excel spreadsheet so we'll see if he can keep that promise.

Tamar, Anat, and I met up for lunch with Jackie in town which was great and while they took a walk from the center through the market I did some work at the restaurant where we had lunch and waited for the group to return for dinner. It really is amazing how we plan our lives around food here. Anyway, Tamar, Anat, and I went to the infamous chicken dibi for a delicious dinner. Mohammad, my personal chicken dibi chef was there so a good time was had by all. Saying goodbye after dinner is hard. It's always so nice to see someone from home, even when I'm meeting someone for the first time, so it's really hard to say goodbye.

Back at my house we didn't have any power when I came home so everyone immediately yelled at me to go get the lantern flashlight Shirley gave me. We haven't lost power on a consistent basis since I've been back from IST so I hope this was just a fluke and we're not going to be powerless every night again. Also, Mami is back in Thies for at least a little while. I also haven't seen her since I started IST, but she is back in full force which means sleeping in late, not getting lunch ready until at least 3pm, and causing general havoc around the house. Mami and big Ahmed tend to fight a lot which is fairly entertaining because Ahmed is straight laced and Mami is just plain hilarious.

Now that I'm sufficiently full of delicious dibi I will be drifting to sleep to Deenba and her boyfriend listening to the traditional lullaby "Boots With the Fur," on their cellphones.


  1. Alyssa,

    Dioss may never get his accounting act together but I bet he always will find the Peace Corps volunteers. He has made a fortune and it is surprising and nice that he lets some of the other artists in on the cash cows. We had a big storm here last night and today and the cats are very skitish, they sat on the porch for a few minutes because of the rain and usually will go hide somewhere but decided to come back inside. Maybe they are getting smarter. We supposedly had golf ball size hail but I have yet to see that in person.


  2. I felt so peaceful knowing Anat was there with you. It must be very hard to say goodbye to her because she is a mom from home who understands the challenges you have faced...... and she is Tamar's mom. We Peace Corps families have a strong bond. I know she treated you like a princess i.e. lots of hugs!