Friday, April 2, 2010

Feed Me

I had high expectations for today. I was excited to go back to Keur Yaay and see everyone since it’s been a while and I was even going to force myself to see gold old Diof. Neither of these things happened, obviously. With Good Friday today and Easter and Senegalese Independence Day on Sunday nothing much is going to be happening for the next couple of days.

At Keur Yaay I did meet the two Belgian college students who are staying there for two months to work with pre-schoolers, I didn’t really understand what they’re doing although they seem nice, and the maid who I love and who is really cool and smart. Surprisingly the English teacher also showed although none of the students did. I assumed this was going to happen since the second I opened my door this morning Ahmed flew in to play since he didn’t have school. Regardless, it was relaxing going to Keur Yaay and catching up with the few people who were there. I was really upset I told Deenba that I would be back for lunch since Keur Yaay’s maid was making chicken!

After my visit, I swung by my office to see Diof, but the office was closed and then I ran over to Peace Corps to drop off the mail that I received in my box.
The rest of my day was pretty tame. I played a matching game with Ahmed and we did a lot of coloring. We did have a coloring breakthrough though. He drew people for the first time today. Before, he was too afraid that he would mess up or he just didn’t know how to draw a person so he just scribbled all over or “mixed” as he calls it. I hope that all the crayons and markers and such laying around will spark his creativity.

Three interesting things to do with food:

1. Last night my mom wasn’t around for dinner and I just assumed she was tired or sick and up in her room. It turns out she had a night out on the town with her friends! I had never heard my family talk about going out to restaurants, but apparently at least my mom does because she told me she went out. Additionally, she brought a big cookies back for Ahmed and lamely enough I know the restaurants in town so well I could tell where she went for dinner based on the pastry. The restaurant is Les Delices, which I personally think is the best, in case you were wondering.
2. I sat in the kitchen for a long time with Deenba today and watched her cook and kept her company. I always assumed that when I discretely buy vegetables and devour them in my room that I was doing a better job cleaning them than my family. False. She uses three different bleach bathes on lettuce. I was impressed and also worried about how much bleach I consume each time I have lettuce.
3. It is currently 10:10 and I still haven’t eaten dinner and I’m hungry and I told Deenba and my mom I wasn’t hungry and was just going to bed and they had a panic attack and told me that was unacceptable, but made no move toward completely dinner…

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  1. What's this with Les Delices? I thought chicken dibi was untouchable?!