Sunday, April 18, 2010

Puzzle Time

Ahmed was not being a very nice little boy today and everyone was yelling and screaming at him. Although I saw the error of his ways, in order to preserve my mental sanity and to stop him from running around the house screaming and crying at the top of his lungs I decided to give him a present. My mom sent me a puzzle a couple of weeks ago and was dying to see what Ahmed thought of a puzzle so I broke it out. First, I had to look up how to say puzzle in French. This was a waste of time since no one in my family knew the word. Regardless, after I showed Ahmed how the pieces fit together and that he should look for similar colors he LOVED it. He was also surprisingly good at figuring out how the pieces fit together. He did the puzzle four times, which took a significant amount of time, until he started annoying everyone again and my mom banished him to his room with a DVD.

Other Ways I Spent My Time Today:
1. Watching Deenba cut okra for my least favorite lunch - don't worry, I made myself eggs because it's the only thing they think I can make. I said I was going to make pasta and they told me I couldn't because I don't cook it long enough.
2. Running away from Jeenaba who was trying to braid my hair
3. Watching Jeenaba give Awa the biggest weave I've ever seen
4. Hiding so I didn't get dragged to another wedding for another person I don't know
5. Sweeping my room



  1. I am soooo happy Ahmed liked the puzzle and could master it. That was a hard puzzle. It is also good to hear it kept him out of trouble for awhile
    Keep running from Jeeneba and the braid!

  2. Alyssa,

    Tax season is finally over except for the billing so I can return to make my pithy comments when I feel that they are required. I think a weave may be a good way to enter deeper into the culture.


  3. alyssa -

    i completely agree with your dad... seeing you with a weave would be absolutely incredible!! hehe