Friday, April 23, 2010

Command Verbs

In an attempt to divert my sisters' attention from my un-braided hair, I promised that I would cook ceebu jenn one day this week. After already postponing earlier this week, I was out of options today and Jeenaba and Deenba were all too excited to watch aka mock me while I attempted to cook to let me off the hook. I assumed that I would be cooking with Deenba since I'm closer to her and she was the instigator, but it ended up being Jeenaba. The two girls are opposites in most ways, maybe the most apparent being that Deenba never stops talking and Jeenaba is a woman of very few words.

Jeenaba has already amassed all of the ingredients for ceebu jenn when I arrive at the kitchen and she immediately puts me to work. The best part about all of this is that both Jeenaba and Deenba are huge control freaks so Jeenaba put everything in bowls for me and then my job was to pour it into the cooking pot. I am an excellent pour-er. I was also allowed to pound things in the mortar and pestle, pick leaves of the stalk to make bissap sauce, and put the stuffing in the fish, which had already been cleaned and the hole for the sauce been cut. Obviously, I was a HUGE help.

The best part of all of this was Jeenaba would hand me things and demand that I "do it." She handed me tomatoes and told me to "do it" so I started cutting them with the nearby knife, she was appalled because she had meant that I squish them into a "sauce" with my hand. How could I have ever messed those instructions up?

At lunch everyone commented on how incredible my ceebu jenn was although I really didn't do anything. I think everyone was happy that I "tried" cooking ceebu jenn and that I now "know" how to cook it.

Also... Khady is still wearing only one eye of false eye lashes...

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  1. I think you just passed the citizenship test!
    How are the new twins doing?