Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This morning I went back to Dioss' to start on the infamous website. Before today Dioss thought that a website was going to be easy and we could do it in a few days. His goal for today, when we spoke yesterday, was putting up all of the pictures that we've taken so far. I let him live in his fantasy land because explaining how to make a website while not actually in front of a computer was just too difficult a task for me to tackle. Today, he learned his lesson. I spent about an hour and a half at his house, before some of his friends came over and his attention was diverted, and we accomplished signing up for Google Sites and putting the name of the artists' association on the main page of the website. Honestly, that was my goal for the day. I knew it was going to be slow going and just registering for the website was going to be an accomplishment. I'm also happy that Dioss now understands that this is going to take some time and be quite a bit of work. My favorite part about the whole meeting today was that he kept trying to get me to type in French on his French keyboard: that is something I'm refusing to do.

The rest of my day wasn't super interesting. I hung around the house and ran errands with Deenba for a lot of the afternoon. I also worked a little bit on my Junior Achievement lesson plan for next week.

The one little story from this afternoon involves Ahmed, of course. He got a new ball and we were playing with it in the courtyard when one of his little friends came over. I haven't had too many interactions with this little boy, but all of them have been positive and the three of us played together for a while before I went into my room and the two of them continued playing with the ball. A few minutes later Ahmed waltzes into my room to see what kind of treasure I'll pull out from under my bed for him and brought the friend in too. My aunt recently sent me two little Hot Wheels cars which Ahmed loves, he's especially impressed that he can throw them off of the second story balcony and they wont break, so I got those out and asked the friend if he wanted the red or the yellow car. That's where things went south. He looked at me, his eyes became crazy and huge, and then he just started wailing. Ahmed looked almost as shocked as I did and we both walked the other little boy out to my mom who had to comfort him and tell him that I'm not an evil monster. I even had Ahmed come back into my room to get a piece of gum to give him because when I attempted to leave my room the crying got even louder. It did surprise me that the friend was so scared of me once we were in my room, but I gave a gum peace offering so hopefully I wont be so terrifying in the future.


  1. It sounds like he felt overwhelmed in the intimate (small) confines of your room. He may have felt a little claustrophobic. It is something to remember.

  2. Alyssa,

    I think he wondered how you shrunk the car and that you make sthrink him if he wasn't careful.