Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bad Ice Cream

I spent most of today calling phone numbers that supposedly belonged to NGOs and while the results weren't spectacular I did get a hold of a couple more people and even interviewed a woman who works for Catholic Relief Services, which is an NGO on the list.

On my way downtown to Catholic Relief Services, an interview to which I dragged Tamar, we bartered for our cab and then attempted to explain that while a higher fare may be better for him it's actually not better for us. A concept that seems difficult for many to grasp here or at least the phrasing sounds quite ridiculous to a person translating Wolof to English in their heads. So, after going back and forth with this guy we realize that he's pretty much completely deaf and can't hear anything we're saying which explains a lot. Additionally, mid-way through what I believed to be a particularly eloquent part of my rant against Dakar taxis, the driver pulls over to the side of the road to take a several minute long piss break. Ahh, the joys of public transportation.

After the interview, I wanted to reward myself for accomplishing at least one of the interviews on the list with a PCV favorite N'Ice Cream. It's delicious. When Tamar and I got there there were very few people and we took our time and I even sampled a flavor called Arabic. Don't ask me what's in it or what it tastes like because I don't know and the girl working the counter couldn't tell me. Then a bunch more people walked through and for some reason, I think complete and utter exhaustion, I became frazzled and made a poor decision. I decided to get "Ivory" which was supposedly cream, banana, and chocolate flavored. Tamar went with a nice chocolate berry mixture that was sure to please. I made a huge mistake as my ice cream tasted like a candy runt. It was not my finest hour.

Those are pretty much the highlights...

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  1. One time I chose guacamole ice cream. I've never forgiven myself.