Friday, May 7, 2010


Fruitless phone calls took up the majority of my morning as I continued to try and make contact with NGOs who, if I did get someone on the phone, told me I had to send them an email to request a meeting. Would they give me the correct email address over the phone? No. Do the NGOs have working websites or websites that list contact emails? No. A few days ago I did successfully set up a meeting with an NGO for 11am this morning. A Peace Corps driver took me there and I thought everything was going to be good until I was still waiting at in the lobby at 11:40. Apparently the person I was supposed to meet with scheduled another meeting downtown at the same time. I called his cell phone at 11:45 after the receptionist was not so friendly to me and he assured me he was on his way back and that I should wait a few more minutes. At 11:50 I'm actually in his office and asking my first question. At 11:52 he's answered part of my question and gets up to leave and go talk to one of his superiors. At 12:15 I go ask the receptionist where he went, she told me to be patient so I took the educational literature off his desk and left.

I feel bad that I didn't get very much of the work done on this NGO project. Another volunteer was really relying on my help and it appears this project is much more difficult than previously believed, especially if the volunteers are making the calls to set up meetings and not superiors. I only got 2 actual interviews done, but I did do some editing and made several new contacts and potentially found some new phone numbers if the person who answers those numbers ever picks up and confirms that they work for so and so organization.

Today was salvaged by Trivia night at the American Club which is always a good time. Although I'm completely exhausted for no reason, especially since I took a three hour nap, I was prepared to compete over trivia and eat some burgers. The best category during trivia aka the category that I dominated was about people who broke barriers or famous entrepreneurs. Billy Jean King made me look like the women's tennis buff which I am, but Elon Musk sent me into the trivia hall of fame. When Oliver started reading "The entrepreneur who started PayPal and now owns SpaceX and Tesla..." I started laughing and writing down the answer before he even finished the question. I think Oliver was disappointed someone got his hardest question, but I had to represent. All I wanted was the bonus question: "What was the most recent Friday lunch?" because it was Nachos Bar and that sounds like heaven right now.


  1. Is Elon Musk a Jeopardy category?

  2. Don't forget about the yogurt station!