Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Heat is On

The switch that I have been dreading has been switched. Yesterday it was fairly oppressively hot and I thought to myself that there was a possibility that the unseasonably cool temperatures we've been having we gone for good. Try as I did to deny this fact yesterday, today it is apparent that the hot season has arrived in the Thies region. It arrived every place else several weeks if not months ago so I can't be too upset that the heat is finally on in Thies, but I do hate it when I wear pants and it looks like I peed my pants after I stand up because of sweat. Don't make a face; everyone's been there.

I finally took the time this morning to clean my cesspool of a room. For about the past week workers have been fixing the roof of the main house, but using my porch as a staging area for all of their supplies including huge cement bags which have laid down a thick layer of dust. Add all that to me being gross and sick and my room was not a nice place. It took me a couple of hours to clean everything up because cement dust is really hard to sweep up!

Unfortunately that was the most exciting part of my day. The power was out all day again so I helped with the cooking and played with Ahmed and hung out while trying not to sweat too much.


  1. Honestly, I have never sweat so much it looked like I peed my pants! You have forgotton how cold it is in Michigan.

  2. Alyssa,

    I have returned from my off-roading and cross country trip with CJ. We picked up some necessary supplies for both of you for his upcoming trip. It was very interesting to see what the Jeep could do in off-roading. CJ really knows what he is doing and it is impressive. He only scared me twice on the trip, once off-roading when we were going almost straight up a rock and loss traction for a bit and started sliding sideways, until he gunned the engine and it helped us gain traction and climb up and the second time when he decided to check the map on his cell phone in a construction zone with what seemed like hundreds of semi trucks and narrow lanes and cones all converging. However we survived.
    We are finally getting our first 80 degree day, it is hard to comprehend only an extra 30 additional degrees. Enjoy.