Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ladies Man

Big Ahmed is a ladies man. While he may be quite, studious, and ever respectful on me at home when we're alone together, when the ladies are around he can really turn it on and I saw him in action today. This morning, after riding my bike all around town to Dioss' and the post office (shout out to Shirley for another great letter!), I came back home dripping in sweat and not looking too pretty to find Ahmed surrounded by a gaggle of perfectly quaffed and gorgeous group of girls. Usually Ahmed and I had brief interactions. He asks to read my magazines, I inquire about what he studying, we both play with little Ahmed, but today it was different. He sauntered right up to his toubab home stay sister (me) and proceeded to ask me about my morning and what I was up to for the rest of the day and if everything was "nice." It was classic. Although I looked like hell, I chatted with all of his girlfriends to their great amusement and they tested my Wolof. It was funny.

I didn't understand while all of these girls were over until later today as I've never seen Ahmed with a female companion. Apparently, they are having a little graduation (from high school) party at school tomorrow and Ahmed graciously opened up our house as the cooking center. When I again returned home after riding to Peace Corps and back not looking so pretty I was met with the delicious smell of chicken and the laughter (and stench of perfume) of a half a dozen girls. Ahmed, again, was playing ladies man and hovering around them as they cooked and playing with little Ahmed and just being all cute. It was really funny to watch... that is until he put little Ahmed on his back and clotheslined him. And when I say clotheslines him, I actually mean it. He ran Ahmed into our clothesline. When Ahmed started screaming big Ahmed immediately shirked responsibility and everyone looked at me as the only person not doing anything so we went to read "The Cat and The Hat" in my room.

The other big news items of the day:
1. I got a letter from Shirley! Yay!
2. Dioss and I set a date for the art atelier at the second school which is good because...
3. The art supplies arrived in Dakar at the Peace Corps office! Amazing! It only took four business days and Peace Corps is sending all of the boxes in the next car to Thies. I can't believe how well it all worked out!
4. My bike is fixed, but I now remember why I let it be broken for two months: I actually think I get harassed more with the bike even though I can make a speedy get-away.
5. I went to the center to answer questions about PCV life with some other volunteers since the new stage is installing next week! I can't believe it! Obviously we went to the speakeasy afterward!
6. Not only did Ahmed's girlfriends cook chicken, but we're having chicken for dinner too!

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  1. What will big Ahmed do now that he is done with High school? Let us know.
    Please give full description of Dioss's reaction when he sees all those art supplies!!!!