Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Not Created Equal

There was an intense goat fight outside my house this morning. I was all ready to ride my bike to Dioss' when I opened the compound door to find 7 goats having an all out war. I was too afraid to go outside so I watched for about 20 minutes while all the goats gained up on one poor goat who was obviously the odd man out. After the mean goat pack chased the one away I proceeded to Dioss'. We discussed the art class we're doing on Friday and an exposition that I'm taking some of his cards to at the end of the month. I have to make a promotional brochure and a poster for the event so I wanted to make sure that he liked the pictures and formatting I chose and he had to give me his resume. Or, he had to write his resume since he hadn't updated it since 2002 and I assured him that a more recent synopsis of his work would be better. I actually spent most of the day working on the brochure and the poster from Les Delices because my house didn't have power all day. Literally from 7am until 5pm so I spent the afternoon with a salad and Kether at Les Delices. Good times.

I did eat lunch at home and that's why I had a salad at the restaurant. One of the boys who periodically lives at my house apparently has a wife since she's been here the past couple of days. I never knew about her. Regardless, she cooked lunch today and I was able to answer the question: Is my family's ceebu jenn better because they use better ingredients or because they're better cooks? Let me tell you it's not all the ingredients because Jeenaba bought everything and then this other woman made lunch and it was just plain bad. Not all ceeb is created equal and I now really admire Jeenaba and Deenba even more than I used to. I chocked down as much of the bad ceeb as I could/ as little as was polite and excused myself. The best part? My mom didn't even pester me to eat more! She knew it was bad too! Classic.

My night was spent watching old Tom & Jerry cartoons with Ahmed. He absolutely loves them and kept breaking down in tears because no one would watch with him. Khady gave me and apple for my troubles and the cartoons are in English so it wasn't too bad. I just don't want to become a professional babysitter. Although, I could then potentially share words of wisdom like Ahmed is crying uncontrollably because he's 4 years old, it's 10pm, he hasn't taken a nap, and no one has put him to bed. It's a melt down every night.

It's now time to put myself to bed.

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  1. My God!! Your life!!! Trapped by a goat fight, a grown man questioning an 8 year old resume, bad fish for lunch, cartoons with a child who has no rules, no electricity, a surprise wife...etc. Did you see any Martians today?