Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Rainy Season Is NOT Over

I would like to point two things out: 1. It rained today and 2. OSU lost. Both of these were highlights to my day. The fact that it rained almost all day was fabulous for a couple of reasons. First, it's really nice and cool right now. Second, and more importantly, I got to rub it in Deenba's face after she gave me a hard time all day yesterday that the rainy season was definitely over and I was crazy for thinking that it could possibly rain again. I kept asking her to help me do things outside while it was raining because she kept refusing to acknowledge that it was raining. She kept making up excuses about why she couldn't help me outside. She needed to get something for my mom or a stir a pot or pick up the baby, but then the truth came out. It all comes down to one thing here: hair weaves. When Deenba finally admitted that she couldn't go outside because her weave would get wet I knew I had won and I savored the victory.

When I woke up this morning and I also discovered that OSU lost (yes, I know that my team did too). What a great feeling. I sent a mean spirited text right off to my fellow PCV who actually likes the Buckeyes. I will now openly admit that I'm rooting for MSU to win the Big Ten Championship although I have full faith that they will figure out a way to mess this amazing opportunity up for themselves.

Other than giving Deenba a hard time and being mean to an OSU fan my day was pretty boring. My family was fairly subdued because of the rain and our power strobe-lighted all day, which is more annoying that if it's just cut all day.

Tomorrow I will attempt to get Junior Achievement up and started. Wish me luck.


  1. You are really maturing! Rooting for MSU - WOW!

    Love, Aunt Cindy

  2. Always enjoy your sense of humor...
    Good to know rain and 'bad hair days' are universal : )
    I, too, have a friend who is a true 'Buckeye' fan...
    must admit, a little satisfaction was gained by the OSU defeat..
    Have a great day...