Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Court is being held outside my bungalow tonight. And by court I mean both Jeenaba's and Deenba's boyfriends are over. Deenba and her boyfriend are hiding behind a sheet which is drying on the line and Jeenaba and her baby daddy are sitting on the bench directly in front of the bungalow. This makes moving around tonight extremely difficult. I like the give the girls a wide berth when their boyfriends are over because it's the best part of their day. They shower after slaving over dinner and put slutty clothes and pounds of make-up on for the hour or so they get to hang out and not respond to someone else's orders. I don't want to get in their way or interfere with their whispered conversations. This was the plan until I tripped over a teapot in the middle of the compound and spilled the giant bucket of water I was carrying for my bucket bath. Oh well, I did have the best intentions.

Today was also the last day of training for the new SED/ Ag stage who arrived in August. They Swear-In on Friday and officially become PCVs instead of trainees. Very exciting. It also means that I will have survived my first year as a full fledged volunteer on Saturday. Crazy. And that I will have been living in the bungalow for a year next Tuesday. Insanity. It is very weird how time flies and drags here. For the new soon to be volunteers' last day of training we had a "project fair" where a bunch of PCVs came in to the center to explain projects and the trainees got to attend the sessions they found most interesting. I presented Junior Achievement again with Elizabeth and then helped Jackie present on the girls' camp. I think that both went well and that the camp idea is really going to spread throughout the country, a lot of people seemed interested.

Afterwards, Erin, Elizabeth and I made a run into town for bread and cheese for dinner before we all went out to the Catholic compound to celebrate the end of PST.


  1. I thought of you today as Michigan Radio ran a one-hour piece on JFK, U of M, and the Peace Corps. Here is a link:
    If this doesn't work (and it certainly doesn't look "hot" to me), just go to and look for the story. It was pretty interesting. I don't know how much of it you learned in orientation, but it was mostly news to me!

  2. YOur 1 year anniversary and the 50th anniversary of JFK's speech on the steps of The University of Michigan's Student Union. There seems to be a long thread of connection between your life choices and The Peace Corps. I am so thrilled this has turned out to be such a transformative experience for you!

  3. Happy 50th Peace Corps!