Monday, October 4, 2010


During the last couple of days...

Dioss' mom and sister are kicking his ass. Hard. Before packing my bags, again, I had a chance to go see Dioss' mom, Madame Ly, and his sister, Khady. They are two of the nicest people in the world and are way better at accounting than Dioss. I should probably say they are vastly better at writing things down since we are still in the early stages of bookkeeping. I was impressed that they split their notebook up into two sections so that the debits and credits were separated. It really looked like they had written everything down and they seemed really enthusiastic about everything so I hope that when I see them next week the good work has continued.

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to drop in on Dioss because he wasn't answering his phone and I gave two presentations at the training center on Tuesday morning before heading into Dakar. The presentations went really well. The first presentation was about the tournee I went on last year with Talla and what I learned from that experience. I don't know if people found it all too interesting, but the main event was actually Junior Achievement. My friend Elizabeth, who lives in the Kaolack, region came up to present about JA with me. She did the elementary school program while I taught at the Lycee Technique. It seemed like there were a lot of trainees who were interested in doing Junior Achievement at their sites which would be cool.

After spending Tuesday morning at the training center I met up with Katherine and some other PCVs at Massa Massa and then Katherine I hopped in a sept-place and headed to Dakar. We are here doing our mid-service medical exam. Making sure that I'm healthy, don't have any cavities, don't have TB, among other things has been utterly exhausting. We've also been having some fun saying goodbye to PCVs who are leaving, going to fun barbecues, and eating delicious food I can't find in Thies.

Tomorrow is my last day of medical tests/ when the doctors will hopefully tell me that I don't have TB and therefore wont have to abstain from drinking for the next nine months!


  1. Alyssa,

    Good luck on the TB test. My thousand mile prediction is that you have no problems and can continue enjoying yourself when the opportunity arises. Big game this weekend so try to find a connection and don't be shocked to lose.


  2. "Big game this weekend so try to find a connection and don't be shocked to lose."

    Amen! cough go green cough cough

  3. One of the most disturbing things about you being so far from home is that I no longer have the heart to trash your Wolverines.....even when it comes to my beloved Spartans. Hurry and get home safely so I can joyously trash NARD DOG!

  4. Alyssa, Good luck on your physical. I can't wait for that game either, as I well be the only one at the mall. Great way to start xmas shopping! Love Ma