Friday, October 15, 2010

Meet and Greet

I finally tracked down Dioss this morning at his brother's house. While his brother's house is much closer than mine and therefore convenient, it is also near Madame Ly's house who obviously stopped by and the front is open to the street so little kids kept stopping to gawk at me. The meeting wasn't at all productive, but it was interesting. Dioss has been gallivanting across the western coast of Senegal re-supplying different businesses that sell his cards and trying to secure funding for the catalog that has been in the works since early summer.

The catalog is driving me a little bit insane since I don't think it's a very good idea and he could be spending his time on much more important things like accounting and deciding if he wants to do product development with the woman who imported his cards to the US. I'm still unsure what the purpose of the catalog is and who the intended market/ customer is and where he's going to distribute the magazine. I became even more confused today when I was telling Dioss about our plans to market the upcoming Peace Corps artisan expo and it totally blew his mind that I was going to put fliers and brochures in the nice hotels, restaurants, and embassies around Dakar. Where exactly was/ is he going to put his catalog? Mysteries.

The "meeting" was more like a meet and greet since there was a constant rotation of what I like to call "boy posse" streaming in and out as well as random family members stopping by. After a couple of hours I went with Dioss' brother, Baye (who could be Dioss' identical twin except for being even shorter, having facial hair, and an extremely raspy voice) to the post office. There, I got a letter from Shirley! Thanks Shirley!

The rest of the day I spent at home with my family. Nothing too exciting is going on around our house. I'm ready for people to start moving out because it's really crowded. I don't know when Mami, Petit, and Baye Gaye are planning on leaving, but it should probably happen soon. Ahmed and I spent the afternoon coloring and trying to repair a miniature play bow and arrow. I also attempted to explain to him that the reason why the little girl from next door cries every time she comes into our compound is because she's scared of me not because she misses her mom.

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  1. Maybe when Dioss sees his work on the importers web-site he will understand the multiple benefits/power of virtual marketing and focus on that instead of a paper catalogue.
    I don't think Ahmed "sees" that you are a toubab. You are simply the love of his life. It would never occur to him that she might be frightened of you!