Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Apathetic No More

Yesterday I found myself far too apathetic to do anything productive much less write a blog post. Today was better. I forced myself out of bed and out on a run. I ran past one of my host brothers, Baye Gaye, on the way back and since he usually doesn't get up until lunch time had no idea that I usually run at the crack of dawn and was obviously perplexed as I went by. It was fairly entertaining for me. With one major accomplishment under by belt before 8am I was ready for more.

I'm still trying to figure our my new boss. She fairly obviously doesn't like me very much, but still wants me around. Problematic. I arrived at the office and spent a while greeting everyone I knew and then sat down to wait since boss lady hadn't arrived yet. When she did arrive she completely ignored me after I greeted her and went into her office and shut the door. No problem, I brought a book and magazine. I know the Boy Scout's have already trademarked it, but Peace Corp's motto should really be "Always Be Prepared." This is the situation I had imagined before I left my house so I sat down to read a New York Magazine article about "Emerging Adulthood," and how 20 somethings are taking longer to find real jobs, take on responsibility,and actually become adults... sounds vaguely familiar. I sat in the middle of the office greeting people as they came in and reading my magazine for over an hour and then went and sat with some people in an office for another twenty or so minutes while they ignored me. After finally seeing almost everyone I knew come and go, I walked in Mme. Aida's office and asked if I could do anything for her. When she said no I left. A perfect day at the office. I felt a sense of accomplishment because I actually went to the office and made an effort and at the same time no one dragged me to a formation to be the token toubab.

After lunch I wanted to continue my "get out of the house and be productive" trend, but that was foiled by the fact that no one wanted to work with me. I'm usually one of those people who can focus and get everything done when I want to. It's very difficult to get things done when most of what you do is teach and consult and those people don't want to do anything. Neither Dioss' nor Madame Ly's phones were on this afternoon, even though Dioss and I had agreed to meet, and it was WAY too hot to walk all the way across town not knowing if they would be home. So, instead I played with Ahmed and did computer work.


  1. Alyssa,

    It sound like The Office African edition. At least you expected the activity or lack of activity and brought something to read, to spend the face time that is maybe required.


  2. Well it's clear you are going to enjoy bringing this woman on board. Honestly, what would we do without the NYTimes mag and The New Yorker? BTW that article was not referring to PCV's. You guys are solid.