Saturday, November 7, 2009

Water and Booze

I woke up with a grand plan to take a run before Jackie came into town, but this illustrious goal was dashed when I discovered that the water is still cut. This means I didn't take a shower last night, I didn't take a shower this morning, and I don't get to take a shower tonight. Luckily, someone sent me some baby wipes so I'm going to take a baby wipe bath in my room tonight in an effort not to disgust myself. Since I opted to not take a run because I couldn't shower, I read in my room until Jackie arrived.

Seeing another PCV is akin to a religious experience. We hugged when we saw each other and it was the most physical contact I've had since an exceedingly old man who is the Chief de Quartier held my hand for an uncomfortable period of time. It's also an opportunity to actually feel understood. Yes, I can talk to my parents, my boyfriend, and my friends on the phone and over email, but no one can possibly understand the constant heightened awareness that I live my everyday life at. Constantly being asked for money, being called derogatory names, and conducting my life in two foreign languages is exhausting and there is no one better to bitch with than another PCV. Needless to say my day with Jackie was amazing, full of food that wasn't ceebu jenn, frothy beverages, and understanding. It was great and much needed especially after yesterday.

Tonight after a dinner of exceedingly oily onions, meat, and fries (imagine coagulated oil on a plate after 30 minutes because my dad hadn't come downstairs yet... delicious), I was sitting with my mom and oldest sister when they asked me if I drank. I though they asked me if I had drank alcohol today so I lied and said no, but they were really asking me if I wanted a drink now. They told me that they would go with me across the street to buy some Whiskey and/ or Champagne. I told them it was ok. I didn't need/ want a drink tonight. They then told me I could buy alcohol any time and drink it in my room. Great. My family either thinks I'm super lame or wants me to become a reclusive alcoholic. Too funny.

Think clean, watery thoughts for me!

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  1. Alyssa,

    My guess is that they wanted to drink on youe tab.