Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Character Study: Khady

I'm starting to create a routine here in Senegal and for that reason, while today was a good day it is nothing special to blog about. Therefore, I will treat you to an in-depth look at one of my family members: my oldest sister Khady.

I really like Khady. She's no nonsense, she's got an enviable jayfunday (big butt), and she's got great style. She definitely has more clothes than me and that's saying something unless your Lindsay and you've saved every article you've ever owned...

Khady is in her late twenties or early thirties and is little Ahmed's mother. Yes, there was some confusion with my mom aka his grandma breastfeeding him, but I've since discovered that he just likes to "breastfeed" as a security blanket and that there's no actual milk and that it's not that unusual. Anyway, Khady is not married to Ahmed's father although he is really nice and really attractive. I just met him for the first time this weekend and he actually played with Ahmed and spent quality time with him that didn't involve watching television, which is more than I can say I've seen any other member of the family do.

The story I've been able to piece together is that Khady and Ahmed's father dated, but it wasn't seen as a good match and she unfortunately got pregnant. For some reason, Ahmed's father probably didn't have enough money, they couldn't get married and Khady hastily married some much older man. She's this man's second wife and he lives in Dakar while Khady lives here.

My favorite Khady moments:
1. Seeing her every morning washing her underwear topless
2. Anytime she puts on make-up because it literally takes hours and she looks like a doll when she's done, but the attention she puts into it is really sweet, and she is very beautiful (definitely the prettiest sister)
3. When I was going to through a caramel away because it was oozing out of the plastic casing and she threw it in her mouth and sucked all the caramel out
4. That she unfailing greats me and asks me about my day with actual concern
5. That she can not contain herself when I come in from riding my bike and I still have my helmet on. She laughs every time. I can't blame her: a toubab in a helmet is pretty ridiculous.

Khady is pretty awesome and a really good time. Most nights all the girls congregate in her room, which is full of hugely over sized red lacquered furniture and leopard sheets. How can you not love that?

An important holiday called Tabaski is two days after Thanksgiving and I'm hoping to take a TON of family pictures then, but until then imagine Khady in all her kick ass glory.

Ps. Shout out to Ma, T, my mom, and especially Aunt Alice. I know it was a rough day, but I'm so happy everything went well and everything is looking good.

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  1. Go Khady in all your topless, leopard, splendor!
    I like the idea of character studies. It's fun to get to know the people in your life a little better.