Sunday, November 29, 2009


Tamar and I walked around Thies today and were greeted by the smell of rotting sheep hides. Delightful. As I described my family digging a hole for the sheep to bleed into, everyone else did the same. It was necessary to pay a little extra attention to make sure you didn't step into a hole filled with sheep's blood and guts since most of the holes hadn't been covered yet. While navigating around holes, I also attempted to avert my eyes from hides draped over dirty buckets (aka garbage cans) and stretched out on the ground to dry. Other than goat remnants everywhere the streets of Thies were almost eerily quiet and empty. Actually, it was a welcome respite.

Tamar left this afternoon to visit Jackie because I'm going on a tournee tomorrow. I'm going to go with Talla (one of my business teachers) on a week long trip around Senegal to watch him do business lessons for women's groups and video tape the formations so other volunteers can watch them at our training in February. I'm pretty excited since I haven't been out of the Thies/ Dakar region and I'll get to see a bunch of other volunteers. It should also, hopefully, be interesting and informative. Regardless, Tamar left this afternoon which was definitely sad. It was fun having her for Tabaski.

My day was very quiet. The most ridiculous thing that happened was when I was taking down my laundry so I could fold it and pack for my trip my mom asked me if I knew how to fold clothes. I answered affirmatively, but this obviously didn't matter so she folded them for me. I'm worthless. Oh well.

Oh! I almost forgot. Shout out to Shirley and Leigh! I just got letters from both of you today when I went to the center! Shirley, your letters are always amazing and Leigh, the Cosmo collage was fantastic. I hung it up! And for future notice, I got these letters late because they were sent to the PC box and then had to find me. My new address is on my blog. No worries and keep the letters coming!

Since I'm going on this tournee, my posting may be sporadic so have a good week!

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  1. Hmmmmmm moms really are the same around the world. Folding your clothes is so touching. You know if I were there I would wash, dry, iron and perfectly fold everything in your suitcase. Safe travels Bun. I'll look forward to my a.m. email.
    All my love