Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm Boring

I can tell that attempting to blog every day might be a little more difficult than I originally thought because today I wasn't feeling feel so I really haven't done anything.

The main event of the morning was going to the post office. I got my first letter that was sent to my very own PO box! Shout out to Lynn for the letter. Letters are arriving quickly in about a week to 10 days so everyone should send me letters. Hers even included a picture so that's extra points. I also got a text from my site mate Emily that she has slips for a ridiculous number of packages that I will pick up tomorrow. I'm not going to disclose the number of packages, but I will tell you that I've devised a may to get them all home. Wish me luck. Update tomorrow.

The rest of the day was spent resting in my room since my mom told me I didn't look good and she didn't want to see me until dinner. I'm definitely feeling better after resting and I don't have a super busy day tomorrow so hopefully I'll be back to normal.

Keep sending me questions! Then I'll have something to write about!

Until next time!


  1. Thanks for the extra points! I feel special.
    I hope you are not coming down with the swine flu! I'm in Denver and everyone in the house has the sniffles. River has a fever. Kids with the sniffles are especially whiney. Yippie!! Tomorrow I'm on to Claire's in California and no plague incubators.

  2. you're not boring! I live 16K away from you, have (basically) the same life, and I'm still not bored reading your blog!


    p.s. I hate you (for the packages).