Sunday, July 11, 2010

World Cup Miracle

Since I've moved into my house in Thies we've only had water during the day on major holidays. Apparently the World Cup is a major holiday. The women in my family were beside themselves with glee that we had water all day. My mom kept talking about how early she was going to go to sleep since we filled all of our water reserve 10 liters during the day and people could get water from the tap for bucket baths. This was a big event at my house. Another gift: we also had power all day! It was pretty awesome.

Having power all day meant everyone watched television all day. As I was zoning out while attempting to find the humor in a Wolof movie, Ahmed came to get me and whispered he had a surprise for me. I was intrigued because usually he just demands candy or for me to pretend to be a plane so I followed him into his room. There, he showed me one of the new DVDs Khady bought him. It was Lion King! I was way too excited to watch Lion King. I told him Lion King was one of my favorite movies and I went to buy us a pack of Biskrem while he put in the DVD. My Sunday afternoon activities now consist of having a cuddle date with a four year old. Nice. Lion King was fantastic as were the dances Ahmed made up to accompany all of the musical numbers. He was quite disappointed in my ability to mimic his moves so I was relegated to sitting on the bed and purchasing snacks. The rest of the day he refused to speak to me and would only roar to get my attention. We'll see how long that lasts.

This evening's television entertainment was obviously the World Cup final between the Netherlands and Spain. My family was all about Spain because that's where my oldest host brother, Cheik, whom I've never met currently lives. As usual I become emotional involved even though I really didn't care who won. My family thinks I'm ridiculous when I watch sports and I think that I'm part of the entertainment for them.

Now it's pouring rain which is a relief after an overcast and very humid day. I'm going to bed to prepare for a big day with Dioss tomorrow.

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