Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ceeb Block

I've been afflicted with a serious mental illness and it's called Ceeb Block. Katherine has been battling Ceeb Block for months so I feel luckily that I've only recently been dealing with this horrible malady. Ceeb Block occurs when one can no longer eat rice no matter one's level of hunger. I have always had difficulties eating when I'm hot and have never enjoyed eating outside much to my mom's and grandma's chagrin. Hot, greasy rice coupled with extreme temperatures and profuse sweating creates a highly unappetizing lunchtime situation. Even if I'm starving when I sit down at the bowl my hunger immediately evaporates when the bowl is uncovered and I see ceeb. I know I will regret saying this, but I'm actually looking forward to Ramadan when I can cook lunch for myself.

Almost nothing of note happened today. Dioss and I attempted to open another bank account and came up against several frustrating roadblocks, I went to see Diof since we had planned a meeting but he wasn't at the office, and I hung out around the house reading since we had no power so I couldn't type up any of the paperwork that I've been quasi avoiding.

The one exciting thing that happened was at the post office! I got a package and I also sat around talking for 1.5 hours so I could enjoy the air conditioning.

Huge shout out to the McKeowns for an incredible package! Thank you so much for all the magazines and everything else you sent. The magazines should definitely keep me busy for a while!

Tomorrow I'm off to Dakar for a camp meeting and to help fete the new stage! Sushi for lunch and Chinese for dinner! Obviously the entire meeting and party has been planned around food!

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  1. So what would you call tuna noodle casserole served out on the back deck? I think it's your American equivalent to ceeb block.
    Have a great time in Dakar...CJ says to ease up on the taxis! Say "hi" to all your girls!