Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Computer

Sleeping in this morning felt like heaven after I stayed up so late this weekend in Dakar. It was made even better by the fact that I was so exhausted last night that neither the mosque nor the roosters woke me up! My family was also having a lazy morning so I slowly picked up and organized my room before I read a little and played soccer with Ahmed while we waited for lunch.

After lunch I learned that there's a new member of my family. A new computer. My dad debuted a brand new net book this afternoon and everyone almost had a heart attack. He had also purchased a wireless internet key so within minutes big Ahmed had downloaded Skype and we were talking to my brother Cheikh, whom I've never met and lives in Spain. Every single person in the family had to have a thirty minute conversation with Cheikh which was fairly difficult for me since the connection isn't so great and I was only getting every third word. I'm very interested to see how the computer will be used/ shared amongst my family and if it will only make appearances when my dad is home. Skype also helped me prove that my Senegalese family has perhaps the strongest family resemblance in the world. Cheikh and Baye could legitimately be twins.

It was just a big day of excitement because as soon as the computer died, we couldn't charge it because it didn't have power, Tamar and her friend from home came by to visit! My family absolutely loves Tamar and a new toubab is always interesting. Tamar and I showed her friend that menagerie of animals that live at my house as well as velociraptor before heading back to Massa Massa for some wine on the roof and lasagna for dinner! Definitely can't complain! Today was a pretty good day.


  1. Alyssa,

    I am glad that you had a good relaxing day. You deserve it. I had the same except for getting a lot of information done for our new marketing consultant. It is a very interesting process and I am sure it will work as long as she keeps kicking me in the rear. I hope that the new family netbook works easier than mine. I still can't figure out why it wants to move the cursor all over the document. I must be hitting some that have dual purposes and it is a large pain in the rear. Mom and CJ are getting house in order for the coming weekend, with Uncle Jim's service. The Shiva is being held at our house and will start with a lunch around 1pm and then the service at 7pm. I think it is is supposed to be in the 90's if you believe the extended weather forcast. We are attempting to replicate your weather the last few days. Luckily we do not lose power and the air conditioner has been on more this year than ever before.


  2. Wow! Things sound good with the Gaye family! A new flat screen for the World Cup and now a computer. I do wonder if it is for your Dad's work! OK I thought I had your family down....who is Baye?