Saturday, July 24, 2010


Ahmed is all about whispering right now. It's part of his constant and mostly successful plot to rule the family. He's 4 1/2 years old right now and is all about the telling little "lies" to get his way. Little taps on my door let me know that he's attempting to break in and he usually has a very important message from my mom or Khady for me. At first these messages seemed likely and were often true. Calls for meals, requests for phone chargers, demands for matches were all believable. Ahmed is a smart one and soon learned to pray on my trusting nature and our friendship. Soon my mom and Khady were telling me, via Ahmed, that I was supposed to buy everyone ice cream for dinner or that it was urgent that I come and watch the first 12 minutes of The Lion King. Most of his requests are carried out through whispers so no one else can hear him as he tries to pit one family member against another and not get caught.

Today's campaign featured a usual request: candy, which brings me to today's shout outs!

Thank you Shirley for the letters (one today and one yesterday!) they always brighten my day and are much appreciated!

Shout out to the entire Kogelschatz family for an amazing package. THANK YOU!!! All of the reading material looks great and the Cliff Bars and salty snacks have already been devoured or added to my stash! The candy you sent along created the backdrop to most of my day...

The power was out from a few minutes after I woke up to 4pm, which left a lot of time for sitting around. I made my trip to the post office and then stationed myself in the living room with my latest book. When lunch was served I was brought a plate of eggs because it was the one meal I absolutely cannot stomach, but the special treatment always makes me feel terrible, especially since I continuously plead to make my own lunches, so I sent Ahmed back into the kitchen with the plate and told him I had a reward for his services.

The prize was a candy confection from my package and this is where I made my fatal mistake. My cousins sent me two sugar candy bottle things and I gave the Ahmed the choice of blue or red thereby inadvertently telling him that I had two wondrous candies from the US. There is no more perfect union than Ahmed and candy and his ability to consume sugar literally turns my stomach. He was absolutely thrilled with the candy which looks like a bottle and twists off to revel THREE different types of candy. Giving him a lollipop that could be put in more sugar was his coming of the messiah. He showed everyone in the family and constantly took the thing apart and put it back together. He also ate the entire thing over the course of the afternoon... then he started bugging me for the second one by accosting my while I was reading and whispering in my ear that he wanted the other candy.


  1. Leave it to the Kogels to find the best candy!!!

  2. I am so glad that the package made it to you! I always worry about those custom forms and what to put on them. I'm sorry I missed your call. We'll have to catch up at soon. Someday, I will have time to get on Skype again.
    Love, Aunt Cindy