Monday, March 1, 2010

Feeling Good

Today I finally gave the presentation about my tournee. Nicole said I did a good job and no one fell asleep so I'm considering a success. It definitely wasn't the most boring part of the day so that's always a good thing.

The presentation we had today should have been really interesting and exciting. The people who run Junior Achievement in Senegal came to talk to us because there could be a lot of synergies between PC and Junior Achievement. I definitely want to start a program in Thies. I've been looking for a way to interact with students that just isn't a girls group that talks about gender issues, although I do find that interesting, I think I need a little more structure and a little more meat behind the project so Junior Achievement is something I'm interested in. One of the technical high schools in Thies is very interested in starting a program so hopefully I can meet with the school next week and we can start working on a curriculum together. The session was a little bit repetitive, long, and information we already knew so a trip to the Catholic compound was definitely needed.

The Catholic bar is a great place, we also call it the speakeasy because you have to knock and have them let you into the compound, and everyone wants one of my PC projects to be helping the Catholic bar install a kitchen so we can food when we frequent the establishment. Currently, without food, the Catholic compound is still a good place to blow off steam after sitting in the SED room all day being talked at and we had a really good mix of people today. It's actually really fun just having the SED volunteers left at the center. We've all been hanging out a lot and I've become a lot closer to people that I didn't really talk to during PST.

After the Catholic compound... How do you know you're completely cured from whatever gastrointestinal malady that ails you? Oh, you can polish off half a chicken at chicken dibi! Chicken dibi really never gets old. It's always delicious and there were even a few people in the group who had never been before so it's always fun taking new people there.

As I was getting out of the cab and coming into my house I ran into Deenba who immediately called out my name and gave me a huge hug. Deenba and I are actually becoming pretty close which is great. She loves to talk about her boyfriend and I love to listen and tonight I even told her about the trip I'm taking in a couple of weeks. She's just a really fun person and so kind and she works so hard. I'm really happy that she's starting to feel like a friend... now, if I can only convince her not to get married until after I leave in two years! The rest of my family was highly unimpressed with my return, which is also a good thing. I'm starting to feel more like a face in the crowd in my overly crowded house instead of just a white face which really sticks out and is incredibly odd. It's a good feeling.


  1. Alyssa you are a child of your generation. Enjoying the healing powers of Catholic booze and the best chicken on the planet from the Muslims all the while reporting your African family no longer distinguishes your JAP face. Yes, there is hope. I am convinced the SED kids are saving our universe.

  2. When will you post your video presentation on your blog??

  3. I really want to try this Chicken should make it a yelp review!

    glad to hear you and deenba are becoming friends - give her a present, a cardigan : )