Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sleepy Sunday

Sleeping in this morning felt incredible. Now that the Ag PCVs are gone and it's just SED the center is really quite and today was the first day in a long time when I had nothing to do and could sleep as long as I wanted. It was great. I'm also feeling a little better too so that's nice. Although I'm in Thies and could've easily gone home to recuperate, it's actually much easier at the center because my family isn't constantly checking up on me and it's perfectly appropriate to lay on my bed and listen to my iPod. Pure bliss.

The majority of my morning was consumed with going to the market with my friends. Thanks to my mom we had some gnocci and really nice pasta sauce from the States so we went in search of vegetables. The results were pretty delicious if I may say so myself even though I still don't really have an appetite and can't eat that much.

Just as I was laying down to take a post lunch nap, in order to avoid working on a group project, my phone rang. The American importer who imports the infamous baskets was here and wanted to see the artisanal village in Thies. Two other volunteers and I went to the artisanal village with her and had a meeting with the president of the association. Leslie, the American importer, will be back later this week and if she likes the samples of the leather bags and baskets the association produces she might place an order. It would definitely be interesting to see how the import/ export process works.

Tonight a boy in my stage is going to make stir-fry for everyone and we are going to try and stream the US v. Canada gold medal hockey game! Should be fun. Tomorrow it's back to anther day of training.

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  1. How fascinating to observe the whole import business. Too bad about Sidney Crosby.