Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Katherine's A Rockstar

Yesterday was a great day. After I got yelled at for not greeting the main office manager of the stadium I like to run in, he was sitting in an office that I didn't even know existed, and being asked to leave, I had a lot of fun. The rest of my morning was actually spent waiting for Katherine to arrive. The girl is crazy and decided to ride her bike the 50 kilometers of national highway between our two sites. She did it and I'm thoroughly impressed. I rewarded her with an amazing lunch and the newest episode of Gossip Girl that I just downloaded. Life is hard...

The amazing lunch was in honor of Khady's infamous husband who lives in Dakar. Two nights ago while our power was out all of my sisters had a huge fight about how everyone except themselves should start making lunch more. For me it was fairly entertaining watching them all point the finger at each other, hey, there was no power so I had nothing better to do... Regardless, the fight ended with Khady leaving in a huff and proclaiming that if she had to make lunch she was going to make chicken. I thought this was a joke, one that I fervently wished would come true, but a joke. Katherine is about the luckiest girl in this country because she came to my house on the most amazing day ever. Khady actually did make chicken for lunch, not because she was pissed off and being a princess like I thought, but because her husband was in town. We had chicken with rice, hardboiled eggs, onion, green peppers, carrots, and marguez sausages. I know this may sound kind of gross, but it was AMAZING!!! To show my appreciation I brought out the Twizzlers my cousins just sent me which were a great success. Katherine and I digested our amazing lunch by watching Gossip Girl. I really couldn't have planned a better day if I had tried.

Last night we met up with some people who were in town for drinks and then went out to chicken dibi. A perfect day. Katherine is a champion and after spooning with me all night on my foam mattress rode her bike back to her site while I took a really lame run and quick nap!

I did end up seeing Dioss today who wasn't feeling well so we didn't really do anything and then my afternoon meeting feel through because the person I was supposed to meet was stuck in traffic. I did get to Skype with my Aunt Diane's class which was really fun as usual. I really like talking to them because it helps me see how far I've come and how things that used to be shocking aren't anymore. It blows their minds that I don't have power and water all the time. It's so normal to me now. My mom actually had to pull an all nighter last night because when the water actually came on it was only a drip and it took her all night to fill our water bins. She's a champion.

Now I'm waiting for dinner and talking to my grandma and Rachel!

I would also like to add, speaking of power and water outages, that a certain city in California (I wont name the individual involved) lost power for twenty-four hours and then complained about it to me. It's all what you're used too!

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