Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oh Senegal

Things That Don't Happen in the US While One is Running:
1. Moments into your run you must slow to a walk because two horse drawn carriages are taking up the entire road and you can't get around
2. Small boys, talibe - boys who live in mosques and beg for food, following you screaming toubab while shaking plastic bowls filled with dry rice and sugar cubes
3. Adult men screaming at me to ask: Why are you running?

Unusual Lunch Conversations:
1. The price of a goat.
2. Why your goats are better than your neighbors goats.
3. The next time you get to kill a goat.
4. Mocking a grown man because he is not yet married and therefore will not buy a goat at the next big holiday.

This all happened today. Pretty ridiculous.

Sundays are a pretty relaxed day here in Senegal. My entire family rested in their rooms so I did so as well. I'm currently making myself some tasty thai food because we are having one of my least favorite boiled rice plus sugary yogurt concoctions for dinner.

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  1. Oh, I argue all the time with the Sorensens about our goats or is that our chevre?