Sunday, February 21, 2010

Keur Moussa

Keur Moussa is a small town east of Thies that's near Jackie's site where there is a really cool, old monastery. I've been wanting to go to the monastery for a while not because it's full of history, or because it has a beautiful fruit tree orchard, but because they make their own GOAT CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, goat cheese is a personal weakness of mine. I've been known to walk to Zingermann's in a blizzard to acquire goat cheese or Brie and a lovely loaf of Italian rustic bread. Anyway, the goat cheese was excellent especially when I slathered it on my bread with some mango jam. Delicious.

In order to obtain my goat cheese, mango jam sandwich I did have to sit through a two hour Catholic mass. It was actually quite interesting. The music was fantastic. The monks played calabash guitars and sang and the artwork in the monetary was also beautiful. Unfortunately, I was lazy and didn't take my camera so you'll have to stalk my friends' blogs if you want pictures.

Yesterday was another good day at training. We had a Senegalese speaker who presented about food security and the regulations involved with selling food here in Senegal. It was interesting to me since I want to work with the organic market in Thies.

Tomorrow starts another full week of training. This weekend was fairly low key since we were allowed to stay at the center, but I still haven't recovered after WAIST!

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