Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thank you SHOUT OUTS

Today was the first mind numbingly boring day at training thanks to a not so informative presentation that I can't even tell you what it's about since I couldn't pay attention.

Fortunately we had chicken for lunch and the second afternoon session was optional so I got to go to the POST OFFICE! I got there approximately one minute before it closed and had to beg my friends to let me pick up my packages. Luckily they are nice guys and let me into their deliciously air conditioned office and gave me my packages.

SHOUT OUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your package was amazing! I don't even know where to begin. Actually I do since immediately after I opened the package I started boiling some water so I could heat up some of the Indian food you sent me. It was delicious! Really, really, really, really good. I had the Korma today and I'm excited to keep trying all the different varieties of yumminess that you sent! I'm also super excited to try out the new recipes you sent me. It will definitely be my project the next time I go to Dakar. Garlic sauce and chwarma sounds awesome right now! All the great kitchen supplies you sent will also help in making great meals since kitchen utensils are seriously lacking here in Senegal. I haven't learned how to cut onions in my bare hands yet like my sisters. Moving on from all the great food you sent, which is difficult since most of what PCVs do is dream of food (oh! I almost forgot all the spices!), the little lantern is great. My headlamp recently went "missing" after a family member used it so I have been light-less for our most recent power outages and the lantern you sent gets really bright which is great! Thank you, thank you, thank you the package was well worth the wait. It was great. I also got a really nice letter from you today too! A great day.

Kristen, I was so excited to get a surprise package from you today. It was hilarious just like you. I especially loved the awkward post card book you sent me. Definitely expect a few headed back your way, but I may take your advice and start handing them out when men ask me to marry them out on the street! The drink packets (it's starting to get hot again! save me!), nuts, and dried fruit are always appreciated. Snacking is a great pastime here. I also liked that you included an entire ziplock bag especially for Ahmed when you've been proclaiming for years you hate kids. He is going to LOVE the markers. I may be a little scared of giving them to him, but they're going to be a big hit. I did open up the marshmallows. He loved them, but the rest of my family thought they were disgusting. Jeenaba actually spits hers out! I like when they hate things because then I get to explain for the millionth time that food in the US and Senegal is different and we all have our preferences! I also really enjoyed your letter! It was great. I almost forgot the Teddy Grahams! SO GOOD!

First off, Ana, I laughed out loud when I saw that you sent a Busta Rhymes and Marky Mark tapes for Dioss. Ridiculous and I absolutely cannot wait to give them to him because I know he's going to love them! The rest of the package was equally as great if not as hilarious. Drink mixes, peanut butter (yes, I eat it out of the jar all the time... at least I use a spoon), tuna, and gum were all great. Ahmed is going to love the colored pencils. As for the 100 Calorie Packs, which I love, it appears as those customs had some questions about them and wanted a taste. Luckily, only one was opened, but it was strewn throughout the box like confetti! Thanks again for a great belated birthday package. I really appreciate it.

Thank you so so so much everyone!


  1. OMG Bust Rhymes!!!!!!???? Ana you have the most deluxe edition of music and movies of anybody I know! You are hilarious!
    I wonder how your family would like roasted marshmallows (over your gas tank flame.)Since Kristen sent Teddy Grahams your could do s'mores... almost.
    Shirley, where is the love? I haven't gotten chicken chwarma! Step up girlfriend :D!!!!!!

  2. Oh I'm so glad it made it! The post office person and I had a bit of a fight over what a "Par Avion" sticker was and brown verse clear tape.

    I was also trying to insurance 6 boxes of my little pony fruit snacks that I sent to Emily for her girls for their polo nationals at the same time. Glad you didn't get those. I was worried of a mix up.

    SO GLAD IT GOT TO YOU!! I have many more fun items to send you! Now that I know how to use the post office like an adult!

    Miss you. Skype date Sunday!

  3. Haha! glad you got a laugh. The weekend mom sent that I was home for about two minutes and she was all flustered because she knew how late it would be so I tossed those in there for a little comic relief.