Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When Is Class?

Since the power was still out this morning after my run, after breakfast, and even after showering, I had nothing better to do than prepare for my Junior Achievement class. Honestly, I was a little nervous since Kerry isn't here this week and this was supposed to be the first class I taught solo this time around. "Supposed to be," being the operative phrase. I did everything I was supposed to do. I called one of the teachers yesterday to make sure that the students weren't striking, that they were back from vacation, and that the teachers were prepared for today's class, but that's apparently not enough/ nothing could have prevented/ foreseen today's cancelled class.

I arrived at the Lycee Technique and saw two teachers already in the lounge and all ready for class. Perfect. I left them to go get the supplies which are locked in a secretary's office. She obviously wasn't in for the day and no one else, including the janitor, could possibly have a key so I resigned myself to not writing anything down for the class to see and just taking copious notes. No problem. Then, I go upstairs to the room where we have class. As usual the English Club is practicing in the room before JA, but they are surprised to see me. One teacher does both English Club and JA and he told me that he didn't know about class today and thought we started up again next week. Sure enough, once I finally tracked down the head teacher who wouldn't answer my phone calls yesterday he confirmed that I was the person who had made the mistake. According to him, at our last meeting we had changed the schedule, again, to reflect a longer break. I'm positive this is untrue, but it doesn't really matter since none of the students showed up.

With nothing better to do and already planning on missing lunch at my house, I wondered the streets of Thies running some errands and making very special arrangements for Friday. I may miss many things while I'm away in Senegal, but the Royal Wedding will not be one of them. Plans will be released upon accomplishment on Friday since I'm worried that I'll jinx them!


  1. You cannot possibly imagine the pre-gaming going on here for the wedding!!!!! I miss you.

  2. I made a cake, cucumber sandwiches and the champagne is chilled.
    Cheers !!!