Monday, April 18, 2011

Dioss' New Works

Things are pretty slow in Thies right now. Over the weekend Mme. Ly and Khady went to Dakar for a small Expo. They felt it necessary to keep me updated of their every movement by calling me constantly, which was sweet and totally unnecessary at the same time. They got back to Thies late this afternoon so I didn't go see them, but I did see the much more elusive member of their family: Dioss.

Dioss was really excited to see me because today, supposedly, is/ was the day when the catalog is finally being delivered to completed form. I'll believe it when I see it. He was like a little kid on Christmas morning though which made him fairly worthless to talk to about anything other than the catalog. I took some pictures of his new technique to show the West African Trade Hub and then he kind of pushed me out of his house because he had a bunch of friends over. The pictures are in the Cape Verde album.

From Dioss' I walked over to the post office.

Shout Outs!!!
Thank you grandma for the amazing package including all kinds of delicious treats, magazines, and Easter goodies for Ahmed! I've already put a dent in the treats and the magazines.

Shirley! Thank you for two more amazing letters! I always look forward to cards from you!

At the post office I had a very annoying conversation about husbands, boyfriends, and marriage, which ended with me excusing myself after one of the peripheral post office characters called my boyfriend my "master." Conversations like that no matter if they are said in jest or not are not conversations I want to be a part of and I find them degrading. It's definitely not a mentality that I can understand and one that I don't have to tolerate when it's about me. I massage my ego with fruit snacks my grandma sent so everything turned out just fine.

I hung out with the fam for the rest of the day. Jeenaba and Abdou are back, which brought more life to the house since Khady is still sick. Little Awa is proving herself to a terror and I'm waiting for big Awa to pop out her baby!


  1. Wow! Great stuff from Dioss!
    What is going on with the PO guys? I thought they were philosopher friends:/

  2. Alyssa,

    Very interesting and pretty cool evolution change in Dioss's art.


  3. Really impressed with Dioss's new technique! And the guys at the post office had it backwards, you were definitely running the show when I visited! : )

  4. Alyssa, Glad to hear you got my package. Love Ma