Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Getting Back In the Swing of Things

Getting back in the swing of things has been easier than I thought because I'm really excited about artisan reseau prospects. I should know a lot more next week, but I'm pretty sure that the artisans are going to have an amazing opportunity to showcase themselves during the Jazz Fest in St. Louis in June and I'm really excited about it! That being said I still had a terrible time motivating myself this morning, lack of sleep is still a big issue after my trip, and ended up going to the post office (shout out to Shirley!!!) and pretending to clean my room. I really wanted to clean my room and I did move everything around and dust and sweep; I just need to scrub my floor which is difficult by the lack of water.

Demyst is currently going on for the Health/ Environmental Education PCVs who arrived last month and Thies is getting another new addition. Lisa, the new Health PCV, will bring the grand total to four regular PCVs (including me, Emily, and Clare), two Response PCVs, and one third year volunteer. Craziness. Since demyst and seeing your site for the first time is a little anti-climactic when it's Thies and you're already there, I took Lisa out on the town with me today to see Mme. Ly.

Madame Ly is a great person for a new PCV to know because she's always willing to hang out, she always makes you feel great, and she knows absolutely everyone. Mme. Ly and Khady were super excited to see me and we chatted and caught up while they worked on some necklaces and Lisa listened on and did a little shopping.

Everything is as usual with my family. Awa is getting huge and I'm excited to have another baby around. I still have no idea how far along she is, but she's really big so I hope she has the baby soon. Abdou jabbers constantly and really, really, really wants to walk. Ahmed is still obsessed with his rain boots and wants to play constantly now that I'm back. He actually watched me type my Cape Verde post. That's love.

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  1. Welcome Lisa!!!!
    I hope Madame Ly has jewlry making fever because it sounds like she is going to be very busy the next few months!