Saturday, January 22, 2011

Response PCV

Senegal continues to surprise me with electricity and water. Our water came on at 9pm today. My mom was so overjoyed that she filled everything up and then handed me the baby and told everyone that she was not to be disturbed she was going to bed and she'd kill the first person to wake her up. Classic. This was after she got into a screaming match with one of our neighbors because they let some thorny bush/ trees grow over the wall into our driveway. She had Ziabata up and standing on the wall cutting down the overhanging limbs since the neighbors have been refusing to do it. The neighbors were then angry that we were cutting the bushes/ trees even though they have no purpose and have pointy thorns. It was fairly entertaining.

Today's big event was meeting the new Response PCV in Thies to do Junior Achievement. A Response PCV is a volunteer who has previously served and then comes back (to a country they may or may not have served in previously) in a specific and time limited role. Most people come for a couple of months to implement a specific project and fulfill a defined role. The Response PCV in Thies is named Kerry and he's in Senegal after serving in Guinea in the 1960s. He's going to work with the Lycee Technique and teach Junior Achievement. The goal is to write a Peace Corps Senegal Junior Achievement curriculum. Kerry was a teacher in the US so he has teaching experience in the States as well as his experience teaching in French. I'm really excited about working with him at the Lycee Technique. It would be really cool to have a JA curriculum that's written for Senegal since the current French program is for Western Europe, not West Africa. We have a meeting on Wednesday at the Lycee Technique so hopefully things are up and running soon!

Other than meeting up with Kerry and hanging out around my house I didn't do too much. I promise that I will respond to everyone's birthday messages! I'm doing a terrible job at replying to emails right now!


  1. How weird is it that your African Mom and I are doppelgangers?

  2. Alyssa, Glad to hear you had a great birthday. Love Ma