Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Easing Into It

While my sojourn back to the US was fattening and therapeutic, it wasn't completely rejuvenating because I'm still completely exhausted. This is what I wanted. I wanted a whirlwind time at home that was followed by the harsh realities of Senegal. I haven't faced too many of those harsh realities yet because I've been asleep, sitting and watching Indian soap operas with my family, and sitting in my room staring at my bags which I only unpacked this afternoon. America can really take it out of you with its wonderful-ness.

Today I was slightly more productive than yesterday. This morning I met Jackie in town so we could give her some Junior Achievement certificates and we both bought some toilet paper. Then she had to shield me as we walked out of the store because it's directly across from the post office and I know that going in there for the first time is going to cause a major stir. I need more sleep before I can handle that. So, that little trip was pretty much my big accomplishment. I also bought a new gas tank which is pretty cool. I did end up greeting the rest of the people in my neighborhood who I hadn't seen so that was good and now tomorrow I'll be ready to move on to bigger and better things and go see Dioss and maybe Madame Ly.

When I posted yesterday and said that nothing had really changed in the Gaye household I totally lied, but only because of exhaustion. I totally forgot to mention that the infamous Cheikh is home! My oldest host brother who left for Europe almost four years came back just a couple of days before I did. It sounds like he's back for good because he missed the family too much, which is totally understandable, but I have my own theories of why he's back. I'm fairly fascinated with him since he's a new personality to observe and figure out. Shockingly, I'm utterly confused with what's going on. Cheikh, as you'll remember, is the person who last year missed his own wedding because he was in Spain. That's when his wife had their wedding with a stand-in groom here at our house. Yes, the awkwardness of that day still haunts me. Look up the post or just remember the cooks teaching me the myriad Wolof words for vagina. Anyway, one would assume that the wifey would make an appearance. I have met several of his friends who happen to be girls, but I haven't seen his wife and I really haven't left the house. Interesting. Unfortunately, my kindred gossip spirit and fountain of knowledge aka Deenba is currently MIA so I don't know what's going on. I might have to break down and ask Jeenaba what's going on tomorrow.

Other interesting family tid-bits:
1. No idea when Jeenaba is getting married - surprise!
2. Abdou is really fat and really cute and jabbers constantly
3. Ahmed and his boots are still in the honeymoon phase even though he keeps triping
4. Mami is seriously pissed at me for cutting my hair and not bringing it back to her so she can have real hair in her weave
5. I gave my host mom a lovely costume jewelry watch as a present. How do you show people you have a gold and sparkly watch from America? Do you wear it? Hells no. You leave it in the fake skin box it came in, open, on the coffee table in the living room and then tell everyone who walks in the door that the watch is from America. Nice.

Tomorrow, I promise to further ease myself into business as usual and my current reality by leaving my compound and at least seeing Dioss and/or Madame Ly. I do not promise not to spend my afternoon with Emily.


  1. Alyssa,

    Always nice to ease back into the flow of life. I can't wait to hear what Dioss, Madame Ly and post office staff have to say or what they do.


  2. OK I'm calling Danielle and requesting a big box of hair to send to Mami but I honestly do not understand how an African woman can sport an European hair weave.

  3. Glad to hear your safely back in Thies - even though the US misses you!!

    What other types of things did you bring back for your family other than the watch? (Ahmed in the boots is too funny)