Thursday, September 16, 2010


Today was a pretty low key day because I woke up feeling exhausted so I gifted myself "Baby Watch Day." I'm obsessed with the new baby boy in my house (he wont have a name until his baptism on Sunday). I'm learning so much about babies and the women who have them and I'm fascinated and terrified at the same time. Who knew that some people put sugar on their nipples in an attempt to get the baby to latch on? I didn't. It's so interesting to watch how my mom and Khady have really taken charge to help Jeenaba and how everyone else kind of leaves them alone. The baby hasn't been out much, but he did make an appearance during the afternoon showing of Marina, the Mexican soap opera we watch, since Jeenaba didn't want to miss an episode. He was fussing because he was hungry and then he wouldn't eat and then he would fall asleep only to wake up hungrier. I've only heard him cry once. He's also really cute and has a full head of hair.

This evening during our nightly blackout I was sitting with Jeenaba in Awa and Ziabata's room as she was swatting mosquitoes away from the baby. I learned that the baby doesn't have a net. No one in my family sleeps with nets and I admonish them every single time I go into their rooms to no avail. I told Jeenaba that the baby should really have a net especially right now since it's rainy season and there are a billion mosquitoes everywhere. She responded that yes, he should have a net. I'm taking matters into my own hands tomorrow and buying a net because he needs a net. The only problem with this plan is that I have no idea where to purchase a net. I've never seen one in the market or in any of the boutiques so I'm going to try pharmacies and health posts and if that doesn't work I'll start calling NGOs. It may seem like I'm turning all maternal, but witnessing Jeenaba in the aftermath of the birth and the past couple of days has made me even more resolute in the belief that I should probably wait another 20 years to have spawn of my own. Abstinence programs should put young girls with new mothers because it will scare the crap out of them.

Other than watching the baby and my family's actions concerning the baby I didn't do all that much since Dioss is in Dakar and school still hasn't started. I did go to the post office this morning where I got two letters from Shirley! Thank you! And a package from my Aunt Diane! I promptly ate some delicious pad thai that was in the package, it was delicious. The package also included Play Doh for Ahmed. I can't say that I'm not terrified at the prospect of giving him Play Doh because I definitely am, but I know he's going to love it. I'm saving in for this weekend. I know we will both be bored during the new baby's baptism and will need a new toy to play with! Thanks for the package!

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  1. I secretly think you want a kid. Just saying, my money is on you.