Friday, September 17, 2010

A Center Miracle

The goal for today was buying the new baby a mosquito net. The goal was not accomplished. Erin called me this morning to tell me that she was called to the center to do a session and since I had some things to give her I walked over there in the hopes of also discovering where you can buy a baby mosquito net. Then a miracle occurred and when I walked into the center all of the people that I had been meaning to call and email about projects were all there. I even got to talk to Nicole, my boss, for a long time about the Artisan Expo. Jackie was there so we discussed the camp in person and some other PCVs who I needed to call were also randomly at the center. What luck. So, a quick trip to the center turned into half a day at the center. By the time I left and made myself a delicious lunch it had started raining and rained sporadically for the rest of the day which meant I couldn't go on my bed net adventure. Tomorrow for sure.

With the intermittent rain came a non-intermittent power outage. We didn't have power all day which infuriated my family since we have been having pretty good power. While Ahmed tried to distract me and everyone else complained about the power/ slept, I finished another book and wrote in my journal to pass the time.

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  1. Ahmed might get jealous if you buy the baby a net and not had better get two.