Thursday, September 23, 2010


Today I went to the same store three separate times and I'm fairly sure they think I'm either certifiably insane or not all mentally there. Perhaps both. The best part that I had already made 4 previous stops at this store in the past few weeks to do shopping for the camp.

Stop 1: I'm on the hunt for glue sticks or bottles of glue so that we can do an arts and crafts project with magazine cut outs. Once I step into the store and greet everyone I realize that I have no idea how to say glue in French. I scan all of the shelves for an identifiable glue bottle to no avail. I can't point at it, damn. I then valiantly attempt to explain glue in Frolof. The saleswoman comes back with tacks, no. A stapler and staples, nope. Tape, good try. And finally paper clips, sorry no luck. She's obviously exasperated so I call Tamar, my mobile French dictionary. She doesn't pick up so I apologize and slink out of the store. I then spend almost an hour looking for movies (an entirely different story) and going into various paper supply stores and boutiques scanning the shelves for glue. The cosmos hates me so I find no visible glue.

Stop 2: I must return because we need glue. I call Jackie who I'm praying is near her computer so she can look up the word for glue on her computer. She is! And for those of you who are wondering "colle" is the French word for glue. I walk up to the counter feeling confident with my new vocabulary and they just look at me like I'm the dumbest person on Earth. Oh well, we now have glue.

Stop 3: My first two trips to the store were in the morning. This afternoon I went back because Jackie had finished the amazing certificate of accomplishment template and I needed to print them out. I honestly think I saw terror in the poor employees' eyes when they saw me again. And one actually asked me why I had to come back so many times. The certificates look great though so it was worth it.

During and after my epic glue search I was looking for appropriates movies for a movie night. Easier said than done. I had dreams of Lion King and was on the hunt for a Disney DVD. Children's videos are not prominent here. What is available? Any movie from the Rambo series, every Jackie Chan movie known to man, and a plethora of soft-core porn flicks. One vendor, after I told him I was looking for children's movies, actually attempted to sell me a porno entitled "Voulez-vous Coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir." Nope, I don't. Finally I stumbled upon a really nice man who made it his mission to help me. I was grateful for his help, but I did have to listen to his wax on about how his visa to the US was denied because he has a beard so the immigration official thought he was a terrorist. I attempted to dissuade him of this idea, but was unsuccessful. He did help me find Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid though!

I also forced myself to go see Dioss today so I could check in one more time before leaving for the camp for a week. Things seem to be really moving with the bookmark idea. He has leather workers on the case and may even have samples ready for Leslie by the time she leaves at the end of next week. I'm fairly positive he's forgotten about the pricing/ costing aspect of this project, but I'm going to let him have one week of creativity before I bring him back to reality after the camp.


  1. "Gluestick" should be the new measure for French fluency!

  2. and you did manage two of the best Disney movies ever (if Lion King and Aladdin are off the table) so I think you can check the success box all around