Sunday, January 3, 2010


I'm feeling better. Thank god. That doesn't mean that this morning wasn't rough. I didn't sleep most of last night and couldn't even sit up most of the morning, but by being a waste and laying in bed as I sipped oral rehydration salts I slowly regained some semblance of life. I've managed to eat five bites of plain pasta and a little fruit while avoiding my mom shoveling ceebu jenn down my throat at lunch. I think ceebu jenn is like Kryptonite to a recovering stomach. I think some more water, maybe a little bit more food, and a good nights rest will make me feel a lot better in the morning.

Since I was in a incapacitated state most of the day, my family was able to trick me into watching a Wolof movie. The movie was adapted from the infamous Wolof television show I couldn't stand during PST and was almost three hours long. Luckily I laid on the couch and dozed as my family laugh and laughed at this movie. It's too painful for me to recreate the movie here for your reading pleasure so just trust me.

Success of the Day:
I tricked Ahmed into believing that dried cherries were candy! Haha. He eats so much candy and his teeth are rotting out of his head so I thought the lie was acceptable. Maybe I'll eventually tell him it's fruit. Or maybe he'll eventually share his Biskrem with me... highly unlikely.

That's it from Africa. I've been hiding in my room attempting to feel better and beat the heat.

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  1. There seems to be alot of trickery going on here! Bad Wolof movie=entertainment; cherries=candy Maybe if we try hard we can trick ourselves into believing the weather is cool and the food is delicious! Poor Ahmed I've fallen in love with him. Can't you trick him into brushing his teeth?