Thursday, January 21, 2010

Meet The Muppets

Although I'm still riding the high of our incredible, edible, cake from yesterday, the adrenaline from my birthday and our success definitely beat my cold into submission for the festivities, but it was back in full force this morning. The absolute last thing I wanted to do was go to my typing class, but I did and was rewarded with a power outage about 25 minutes into our session. Mme. Cisse's complete inability to highlight text before attempting to change it had me on my last nerve so I was happy to escape quickly.

I ran a few errands to make my walk across town worth the treck and returned home to my mom and Khady hanging out in the courtyard feeding Ahmed ridiculous amounts of candy. We had two topics of discussion. The first was how much they liked the cake from yesterday. I knew they liked it last night because it was gone in two seconds, but since they brought it up again today I know it was a real winner. They wanted me to make another one tonight, but I explained I'll have to wait for more supplies. The second topic of discussion was the volunteer who lived here before me. He decided to extend his service and is currently living in Dakar and my family was complaining he never calls so they called him to harass him, which was fairly entertaining. He's a really nice guy so it was funny listening to him try and cover for himself, in Wolof, over the phone... not an easy task.

After lunch I was completely wiped out and decided to attempt to nap off my cold. Sorry my day wasn't as interesting as yesterday! I also sat in the courtyard and read a magazine. My siblings are really starting to love People magazine and there was a pull out for Disney World featuring the Muppets. Ahmed about died from joy at the pictures. He thought they were just the best and then forced me to tell him what each Muppet was. Well, some Muppets aren't actual animals or people or anything... they're Muppets. Ahmed obviously didn't understand this so I just stuck to Kermit and Miss Piggy since are discernible characters.

That's all from Senegal. Thanks again for all the birthday wishes.


  1. it's an african miracle. your birthday? not a disaster? congrats.

    my theory is that it was such a success because you didn't have unbearable peer pressure to get crazy. wonder where that came from...

    miss you!

  2. Hi Alyssa,

    Happy belated birthday! I have only looked at part of the blog, but it seems that you are having the adventure of your life. We were thinking about you last week when we were sitting on an airplane at the Dakar airport in the middle of the night. It is too bad that we couldn't have stopped to visit. You must feel a million miles away, but know that you are definitely not forgotten. :)

    Yolanda Boyd