Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Good and the Bad

January 2, 2010

Three main events occupied my time today. One being better than the others.

Since I've been gone for a while the Post Office was logically my first stop and I was so excited to see I had a letter from Matt and a slip for two packages! Yay! I get up to the window and slide my slip under the glass and my PO friend just starts laughing and says I will have to wait until Monday in order to get my packages because the customs guy didn't come into work today. Let's break this down. There are three men who work at the package center of the Post Office and if one is gone you're out of luck.

Guy #1 - Guy #1 takes my pink package slip, the 1000 CFA it costs to get a package, and checks my ID.

Guy #2 - Guy #2 takes the package slip from Guy #1 and crosses my package out in the ledger. He then gets my package from the back room and gives it to Guy #3.

Guy #3 - Guy #3 does customs (that is when he actually decides to come to work) and gives me a receipt.

None of these men feel the need to fill in for each other because it's not THEIR job. When I expressed my displeasure and annoyance that I can't receive my package because some just decides not to come to work the remaining men inform me that there was a holiday. I responded, yes, there was a holiday... yesterday. It boggles my mind that the other men weren't angry that their colleague didn't come to work. They wasted their time and couldn't do their job because only 2/3 of the necessary people were there. It's amazingly inefficient. I was less angry about not getting my package than just beffudled why people don't get angry here. No one seems to think that if society puts pressure on a situation that things will change. I realize that this is my American cultural perspective, but everyone complains about inefficiency here, but no one takes action. Get angry and get s**t done!

I'm angrily stalking back home, inwardly raging about the Post Office situation, when I see a little girl with ice cream. I instantly want some of the ice cream to help my mood and am very confused about where it came from. Suddenly I hear a random horn sound and from around a corner see a man pushing an ice cream cart. Literally a cart with a tub of ice cream in it. It was amazing. And this man, for one, takes him job incredibly seriously and sculpted me a little ice cream come that was delicious. Enjoy the pictures of me enjoying my ice cream.

The third event is why I didn't post my blog last night. I was incredibly sick for the first time since arriving in Africa. No one wants to hear the details, but they aren't pretty and last night was a long, rough night that I'm hoping I will never have to repeat again. It sucked. I'm currently feeling better although queezy, sore, and tired. Hopefully some rest and relaxation today will cure me of what appears to be the African 24 hour bug, which would kick the ass of it's American counterpart. I am currently alive, which I didn't think I would be at one point last night, so it's all good.

Wish me continued control over all of my bodily functions and a quick recovery! Sorry... TMI (too much information).

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