Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Day Without Class

First of all please go back and read August 29th its pretty classic. Secondly excuse my typing since Im back at the internet cafe.

Today is our first day off since we got here more than three weeks ago and I know why they wiated so long to give us some free time since I almost had an emotional breakdown this morning. I had no idea how dependent I was on seeing the other trainees every morning. Its definitely going to be tough when we move to our posts and are truly alone in Africa for the first time.

I filled my morning by finish the book Enough: Why the Worlds Poor Suffer in an Age of plenty...uplifting. Anyway its great and about Africa so everyone should read it. Then I did laundry which takes hours especially when all the neighbors stop by to watch the toubab work! Then I started another book - I will put up a book list soon - and read until Tamar rescued me from myself. She also brought me my dress which is awesome! Im so excited to wear it! Its beautiful and super cool. I will put pictures up on Wednesday when Im back at the center.

Ive literally done nothing today except read and study Wolof a little bit which is exactly what I will be returning to once Tamar and I are done walking around the market. I have a lot to think about with demystification coming up so Im trying to create some measurable standards and being very b schooly about the decision making process.

Sorry for the lame post. Today is pretty boring and I hate this keyboard.

Hail to the Victors! Finally we win our first game!

Check back on Wednesday for amazing pictures and posts galore.

Love you all.


  1. Alyssa, have you ever explained to the laughing passersby that your family owns a laundrymat??!!
    The irony is ridiculous. Does anybody have a clue what a washing machine is? Is there a machine at the PC Training Center in Thies? Please forward to Aunt Cindy directly a photo so she can post it in Belding. No more whining by customers at Wellington Estates once they see your washboard!

  2. As you ponder the inconsistencies and lack of logic in your village (and beyond) be aware that today Obama gave a nationwide talk on the importance of education (duh) stressing that kids should set goals, work hard, embrace learning... The talk was to be broadcast nationwide into schools and generated so much negative press ("it's a political message", "don't want my kids to miss an hour of school, they already know the importance of education") that a number of state boards of education ruled that it would not be presented during the school day (florida, texas, virginia, and minnesota???? (where the hell was AlFranken). So even at home, weirdness prevails.

    In reading about your microfinance topics and the sad state of educational opportunities in the countyside, maybe there is something at the intersection of the two issues.

    On the pragmatic side, a stone sifter marketed like a 'vego-matic' kitchen appliance might be a big hit too. I say that with a smile, realizing the irony of a society where there is plenty of spare time, saving time may not have much value.

    One good Obama thing, he's entertaining the 2009 Stanley Cup champions on thursday night at the White House. All the Penguins are excited.

    Your blog is great reading. We look forward to updates. However we're glad that "smellovision" never got implemented as an internet protocol. Keep smiling.

    Best from the 'Burgh

  3. Alyssa,

    We had salad tonight.