Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back at the Center

Today was very boring for me. I walked around the village and then waited for the PC bus, but when I got back I not only got to use the internet uninterrupted because we were the first people back, but I also got to hear everyone else's horror stories.

The Kadagou people, the people in the southeastern corner, had a 14 hour trip back.

One car on their way to the site got stuck in the mud for 10 hours. Legitimately, they tried to push their car out of the mud all night. They slept in the car and it was ridiculous. They had to walk to neighboring towns for water and shovels to dig the car out. They are champions.

And I really have nothing to report. Very boring life for me. Unfortunately, it gives me a lot of time to contemplate my life here and what I want. Is PC what I want? Am I compatible with the goals? Or even do I want to be here? I have no idea what the answers are to any of these questions, but I do apologize for the miserable posts and promise to step up my game. I will now have my computer so they should be better.

I'm going to curl up in my bed with a magazine and love being at the center.


Ps. Check out the new pictures.

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