Wednesday, September 16, 2009

An Anticlimactic Event

September 12 2009

The village visit is every trainees' chance to see what their world for the next two years will be like. Mine was anticlimactic because I went back to my home stay village. Wah-wah.

It is kind of interesting seeing the vil in a different light... but not really. Daniel, Christine, and I walked around town and said hi to my family since I was afraid they would hear that I was back since the moment I stepped off the bus 25 people started screaming "Jeeneba, Jeeneba... you're back" (yes, I am a village rockstar). My family was very excited to see my toubab companions and then proceeded to tell Daniel (in Wolof) that at the beginning of the home stay all I did was cry and tell them how much I hated rice... not true! The Senegalese LOVE to exagerate. I also turned to my family to remind them that I'm learning Wolof and understood a lot of what they said. They laughed at how ridiculous that idea was. Grrr. Home stay family.

Back at Daniel's house I had a ridiculous conversation with Daniel and his brother about lawyers, judges, and philosophy in French, which was interesting, but I'm supposed to be practicing Wolof.


The rest of the night consisted of streaming parts of the Wisconsin/ Fresno St. game and the UM/ ND game on Daniel's computer. GO BLUE! Amazing win! We also watched his little brothers put plastic bags over their heads and then spin around and run into walls. Obviously, there's very little adult supervision. Ceebu jenn and Wolof TV were also included in the night. Kill me now.

Tomorrow we're going to the basket village so hopefully it will be a better/ more interesting day.

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