Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The First Step

I'm finally packed and at least materially ready to go. It took a surprisingly long time to take all the packaging off the things I bought and re-package them into ziplocks. I thought that packing my life into two bags that weigh less than 80 pounds would be an impossible task, but I'm actually under by a few pounds. Go me. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I left everything pretty behind and will be sporting some khaki pants that roll into capris and zip into shorts. Nice. The thought did cross my mind to pack seemingly useless items into those last few pounds, but I refrained and I hope that I packed everything I need.

I'm going to post my packing list below so all future Peace Corps Volunteers struggling with the ridiculously outdated provided packing list can see what I think was important to bring and so all of my friends and family can laugh at how neurotic it is that I itemized each bag individually.

The next stop is Washington DC where I'll get some preliminary safety info and an armful of vaccines. I'll also get to meet my fellow volunteers, which is exciting since I've been making snap judgments of them based on their Facebook profiles until now.

Hopefully I'll have some great new people and vaccine stories tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Packing List

Big Agnes Bag

· Ziplock Bags

· 1 Jeans

· Longchamp Bag

· Northface Raincoat

· 4 T-Shirts

· 2 Workout Wiking Ts

· 1 Shorts

· 1 One Piece Bathing Suit

· 1 Short Pajama

· 1 Running Pant

· 1 Khahki Skirt

· 1 Brown Dress

· 1 Black Mini Skirt for Nice Occasions

· 1 Black Skirt

· 1 Black Long Dress

· 8 Tank Tops

· 4 T-Shirt

· 1 Pink Polo

· 2 Blouses (One Flowered, One White)

· 1 Gatorade

· Peanut Butter

· Duct Tape

· Tampons

· Toiletries

· Meds

· 1 Sheet

· Leatherman Knife

· Headlamp

· Solar Lantern

· 1 Converter

· Radio

· 10 Underwear

· 3 Socks

· 4 Bras

· 1 Floor Length Pink Skirt

· 1 Short Sleeve Voice

· 1 Blanket

· 1 Chaco Flipflop

· 1 Maxi Dress

· 1 Pair Tennis Shoes

· 1 Ibuprofen 1000

· Soap/ Dish


· 1 Travel Sleeping Bag

· 1 Bikini

· 2 Towels

· Photo Album

· Chaco Sandals

· Toiletries

· Meds

· Gatorade

· 1 Tylenol PM

· 11 T-Shirts

· 1 Polo

· 5 Tanks

· 1 Brown Pant

· 1 Long Pajama/ Top

· 1 Blouse

· 1 Towel

· 1 Dress

· Tampons

· 6 Underwear

· 4 Bras

· 2 Socks

· 1 Flat Water Bottle


· Computer

· Kindle

· Camera

· Phone

· iPod


  1. Since you already mentioned the neurotiscism of your packing list I will leave my comment on it to an emoticon... ;).
    I'm loving the blog idea. It's a great way to keep us all updated, though if you keep them all this detailed we won't even notice you're gone (heh...ok so I lied, I had to get one jab in).
    Seriously,though, I hope at the people you're going to work with are cool. You could do in-depth personality profiles in your next post!
    Ehm...sorry. I'll send you something to make up for my terrible comment jokes. I'm sure it wouldn't even be lying to mark a box of Twix and jelly bellies as religious materials

  2. Good luck Alyssa! I'll be sure to keep that waste of flesh friend of yours sane. - Jeff

  3. 1 long black dress... for what?
    And i think you didn't pack enough socks.