Saturday, November 13, 2010

Good Luck My A@&

I've been peed on twice in the past 36 hours. No joke.

Somehow I forgot to mention that Abdou peed all over me yesterday. It was no big deal, but my family thought it was just about the best thing that has ever happened in the history of the world. Well, that is until I came home today.

This morning Jackie and I left bright and early for Dakar to play in a double header softball game. We received urgent phone calls yesterday telling us that not enough girls were going to show up which would force our team to forefit. Since we are magnanimous human beings and because we had nothing better to do we headed to Dakar. When Jackie and I go to Dakar together I always buy her a seat in the sept-place in Thies and then pick her up on the side of the road and every time it's the same story. Other passengers in the car are terrified of two things:

1. That I am somehow gaming the system and am only paying for one seat, but actually getting two. The color of my skin makes this not only absolutely absurd, but also impossible.
2. That Jackie is a terrible person and is not going to pay me the $2.50 fare back.

We arrive in Dakar no problem and hang out at the American Club eating delicious salads and sandwiches as other PCVs trickle in. Our double header today was against two good teams and we won both games! An amazing corollary between beers consumed and Peace Corps run scores was discovered (it was the exact opposite of what most people have deluded themselves into thinking). Jackie and I were all stars as usual. I made an out in quite the spectacular fashion. Let's just say that it's possible to catch the ball using one's left breast and gloveless right hand. It's far more efficient than the regular gloved version. I also got demolished by a Senegalese girl who slid into second base and took my feet out from under me.

The day is just getting started...

Jackie and I did not succumb to peer pressure and headed off to the garage once the games finished to head back to site. There we waited for what seemed like an eternity of switching cars, loading baggage into the back of the car, a sheep on top, and suffering through two of my absolute favorite questions:

1. How much money are you going to make when you go back to the States and teach Wolof?
2. Why don't you stay in Senegal the climate is so much more temperate here than in the United States?

Huh? On both counts.

We are finally on our way and the traffic isn't too bad and I'm totally lost in my thoughts when something splashes across the side of my face, and then the side of my neck, and then through my ponytail, and then on to my arm. Yeah, it was sheep pee. It took me a second to realize what was happening and then I jumped in Jackie's lap while I laughed/cried/hated myself. Jackie being the amazing friend that she is burst out laughing at me and couldn't stop. It was hilarious. I'm sitting in a car and sheep pee is streaming through the open car window onto me and a couple other passengers. My seat is soaked in sheep piss and it does not smell nice. The Senegalese passengers try and tell me that it's good luck while Jackie continues to laugh at me. Well, guess what Jackie... Karma's a bitch. After I was doused in sheep pee I sat half of the edge of my seat (because most of it was covered in pee) and partially on Jackie's lap so when the sheep peed for the second time it soaked my back and Jackie's entire right side. I was happy to have good company in my smelly, pee soaked, private hell.

Jackie jumped out of the car in Pout as I continued on to Thies where my sept-place rear ended another car and then just drove away. Par for the course. When I walked into my compound all of the women were sitting outside cooking. I told them what happened and my mom totally lost it. They immediately remembered that I had also been peed on yesterday and it was really too much for them. When I grabbed two ten litter drums of water for my shower this completely sent my mom over the edge and she had to sit down and catch her breath.

I'm all clean now and hoping that I can at least make it through the rest of the weekend without anything else peeing on me!

And Happy Birthday Shirley!


  1. Alyssa,

    Pee the elixer of the Gods! If you don't like it, stay away from farm animals and babies.


  2. OK, I am conjuring the image. A sheep is strapped to the roof of a broken down station wagon along with every other conceivable type of baggage. You are squashed inside the station wagon with 7 other people with the windows open. The sheep begins to pee and hits you on the back, arm, face and pony tail and the operative word is "hilarious." You are hardcore Peace Corps young lady...hard core! Let us know if it turns out to be a wonderful natural hair conditioner or zit zapper.

  3. Alyssa, I must invite your readers to visit Jackie's blog for her account of the "sheep shower." You girls are absolutely hilarious!!

  4. Never under estimate the career opportunities in Wolof wrangling.

  5. Alyssa,

    I would have lost it. Kudos to you. That sheep would have been no more. Where does the count stand now until your glorious return? I can pick up a farm animal on my way through Lansing if you'd like ;-)