Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Day during Ramadan

The trainees are in the village and I had nothing else even remotely planned so I deep cleaned my room today. It took much longer than expected because I kept being interrupted by rain showers so I was continuously moving all of the things I put outside so I could clean inside so they wouldn't get wet. It didn't help that Ahmed took a rain shower and then ran through my room after I had just mopped it.

This afternoon I met up with Jackie and Emily at Les Delices to get some work done. It's currently impossible for me to do anything in my room other than get upset about the fact that I have nothing to do/ nothing is going on or watch movies on my computer. Jackie and I had our bi-annual reports due for Peace Corps so we worked on those and I sent emails regarding future projects. As soon as Ramadan is over I have a lot of projects that I'm looking forward to. Now is just a dead time. The girls' camp, the start of school and Junior Achievement, and the holiday artisan expo will all be time consuming endeavor, which will be nice. Unfortunately, I've done pretty much all I can do in advance all ready so now I'm just waiting.

Shout out to Lindsay whose birthday is today and to Leigh whose birthday is tomorrow! I wish I was there to celebrate with you!


  1. I wish you were here so you could help me pack!

  2. I thought of you on Sunday when I was at a white coat ceremony at Devos Hall and there were two women wearing elaborate head wraps that looked like the wraps that you've posted on your site. Very fancy and flashy.

  3. I trust that you are having a great time, we haven't seen a new post in weeks!! Had a nice dinner with your aunts, uncles, & cousins last night. Hope you had a good time too doing what you were doing.